The Strokes - Leeds Review 2011

'The perfect scene setters for the weekend's closing act''

Photographer:Al De Perez

Gavin McInally - 28 August 2011

New York indie giants The Strokes bring the swagger back to Leeds Festival in a dreary day which has been screaming out for a rock star.

Sunglass sporting Julian Casablancas and his well groomed, super slick band mates stroll on 15 minutes late with a nonchalance Liam Gallacher would applaud and ease into 'Is This It' and 'New York City Cops' with all the class of seasoned veterans.

Without ever being breathtaking, they bring the buzz back to Leeds with a sea of fans piling back in from the campsites throughout their set.

The perfect scene setters for the weekend's closing act, Pulp.


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