Liam: I f**cking hate Glastonbury

United Kingdom United Kingdom | | 29 June 2004

Put yer money in yer mouth

Undoutedly the biggest disappointment at Glastonbury was Oasis. Saying little to the crowd, looking even more miserable than usual and playing their hits in a trudging tiresome fashion left many fans heartbroken despite some quarters claiming it to be a 'triumphant' set.

VF bumped into Liam Gallagher backstage on Saturday and he said: "I fucking hate Glastonbury mate. I'm only here for the money. It's fucking shit. I've got to wear fucking wellies."

Then, in perhaps a veiled admission that the band could have done better, he said: "We were alright. It was OK. What else am I going to say? It's not going to change the world, is it?"     

Explanations for the performance centred around an alleged row between the Gallaghers.

Kasabian singer Tom Meighan who had been hanging out with his idol, Liam, commented: "They had a row, they were both on it, big time." It quashes the myth that the Oasis camp had been a drug-free one.

Despite playing two new songs 'A Bell Will Ring' and 'The Meaning Of Soul', Noel Gallagher told the BBC that Oasis will have to think about a change of direction for the follow-up to Heathen Chemistry.

He said: "We've got to decide what kind of record we're going to do now, because the record that we tried to make with Death In Vegas, that kind of didn't happen and the moment has passed for that batch of songs. So it's back to the drawing board really. Hopefully, it will be out by the end of the year but I wouldn't have thought so."

Speaking on Sunday, festival organsier Michael Eavis said: "They didn't seem to want to be here. I was disappointed they never spoke to the crowd. They seemed grumpy to me - but maybe that's just their thing."

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Photographer: Sara Bowrey

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