Pulp - Reading Festival 2011 review

'This celebrates all we've grown to love about them in one spectacular performance'

Photographer:Tom Spray

Hollie Garraway - 27 August 2011


Without question, this is the ultimate reunion appearance of the year. 14 years ago to the day Pulp first appeared at Reading, and today they celebrate all we've grown to love about them in one spectacular performance that marks their maturity and continued musical significance.

With a swish of the curtain, bright pink lights spelling the band’s name illuminate Jarvis and Co, as they launch into a euphoric rendition of 'Do you Remember The First Time?'.

This is swiftly followed by Jarvis introducing, “a dirty little number called ‘Pencil Skirt’”, before a razzling ‘Babies’ – dedicated to people who like to spend time in wardrobes – and a dazzling ‘Sorted for E's and Whizz’.

A dream greatest hits set-list ensues with Jarvis pulling all of his familiar shapes, waving telescopic cameras in the front row’s face and thrusting himself between two amps during ‘This Is Hardcore’.

Things end on a high with ‘Common People’, complete with confetti canons and a very fitting quote from Cocker himself: “If Pulp are only ever remembered for this song, I don't care, it’s a good song.” On this showing, there are many more memories already etched onto their musical headstone.

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