The Horrors - Reading Festival 2011 review

'The set is a beautifully out of time masterpiece'

The Horrors - Reading Festival 2011 review

Photographer: Peter CorkhillMatt Miles on 27 August 2011


The Horrors keep their Reading slot Kubrickian with a set that’s a proper horror showing and a beautifully out of time masterpiece.

Whether due to the frankly poor calibre of the main stage headliners, or the tremendous attraction of seeing The Horrors live, they play to an over-spilling crowd.

Showing off the top picks from the popular and perfect 'Primary Colours' and mixing it tracks from both the first and third album, The Horrors finish off Friday with synth, sweat and synergy.

Enrapturing, entrancing and enduringly brilliant live, a dancing and appreciative hoard certainly won’t regret shunning the 'bigger' bands.

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