Deftones - Reading Festival 2011 review

'Chino and Co. proved to be the firework on this occasion'

Deftones - Reading Festival 2011 review

Photographer:Al De Perez

Chris Swindells - 26 August 2011


Deftones are as much a Reading fixture as jubilant adolescents, mock-emo fringes and crazed chants, but for their forth show here they looked like a band reborn.

Opening with the title track from their sixth full length 'Diamond Eyes' the Sacramento outfit bounded with a passion and dark hunger for new fans through a pick'n'mix bag of treats from their 23-year-history.

Chino Moreno, in a pair of chino's, leapt from corner to corner of the main stage possessed by the groove and with a new fire in his lungs as he spat every hard syllable to 'Elite'. For 'You've Seen The Butcher' he gave himself over to the crowd, already pumped and primed for a sure-headed show of metal brutality, they lifted the frontman as he crowd-surfed into the horde.

Referencing Chi, the missing piece of the original band, the band played 'Minerva' for their absent bassist who is still in hospital recovering from a serious car accident.

As the sun finally flared it's light on proceedings at Reading Festival, everyone could relive lost teenage moments with hits 'Back To School' and 'My Own Summer (Shove It)'. Then the band went back to the beginning as they left the stage on their debut album's heaviest note '7 Words' with a brief reference to Katy Perry's 'Firework'. Chino and Co. proved to be the firework on this occasion.

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Deftones spoke to Virtual Festivals earlier today about their Reading Festival set and plans to return to the studio in the fall, keep checking back here to view the video!


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