Laura Marling does battle with rugby match at Green Man

The star debuts plenty of new tracks in Wales too

Laura Marling does battle with rugby match at Green Man

Photographer: Jason DownesFrancis Whittaker on 21 August 2011

Around 30 kids armed with a rugby ball took part in a boisterous mini match to the left of the main stage while Marling serenaded the crowd with new material and established favourites.

She didn't seemed to notice the pint-sized ruckus, however, as she performed a set filled with new songs including 'Sophia' and 'All My Rage'.

During the set Marling said: "We're having a lovely time up here. It's very beautiful out that way. It's a shame you all have to look this way at us".

Festival-goer Leah Whittaker from Lancashire really enjoyed the show. She said: "It was beautiful. Seeing makes me feel glad I'm around in her era as I think she's going to go down as one of the greats.”

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Iron and Wine will headline the final night (Sunday) of Green Man Festival 2011.

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