Foo Fighters waste Frequency Festival 2011

Dave Grohl and Co round off Austrian event with powerful show

Foo Fighters waste Frequency Festival 2011

Photographer: Laura CallanRobin Card on 21 August 2011

There were no theatrics - the band dressed in plain black, there was no banner behind them with the band's name on, there was nothing even as superfluous as a pause between songs.

They simply pummelled the audience with a frantically-paced set including 'Breakout', 'Learn To Fly' and 'Rope'.

Even ballads such as 'My Hero' and 'Cold Day In The Sun' were reinvented as gargantuan rock behemoths, both of which have never sounded better.

"We gotta lot of songs, wanna hear 'em all?" bellowed Grohl. They've also got a lot of other people's songs too, as a cover of The Who's 'Young Man Blues' attests.

The band have been reinvigorated of late, perhaps also the tragedy at Pukkelpop and the subsequent cancellation of their show there was spurring them on even more.

Despite Grohl threatening to "play until they tell us to stop", the show tragically had to end, with 'Everlong' climaxing a magnificent performance.

Check back for our full FM4 Frequency Festival review.

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