Lamb serenade Standon Calling 2011

Lamb headline Saturday night at Standon Calling

Photographer:Al De Perez

Laura Foster - 13 August 2011

Singer Lou Rhodes gamely battled through the set with her sinuous voice despite having a cold. "I don't want to be sneezing in the middle of a song. It's the power of Lemsip that's getting me through this," she said before turning out yet another flawless vocal performance.

The group's classic hit 'Gabriel' was a particular stand out moment as they played in front of a fitting video of doves in flight. Next single 'Build a Fire' with its dreamy bell noises also captured the crowd. Lou spoke about the video shoot, which apparently has lots of explosions in it. "I hope they don't take it the wrong way after the riots of this week," she laughed.

Technical issues caused the band to momentarily perform without their electronic samples, but they did so more than competently with just vocals, bass and drums. For a band that's taken so much time out from the scene, they were on top form tonight.

Saturday is traditionally fancy dress day at the Hertfordshire festival, and 2011's turnout doesn't disappoint, as Monster Munch, Cookie Monsters and Honey Monsters all rubbed shoulders and got down to the serious business of having a good time


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