Battles close first night of Standon Calling

"Are you with us? 'Cos we're with you. Thank you for being with us"

Photographer:Al De Perez

Laura Foster - 13 August 2011

The trio took to the stage with their usual sky-high cymbal and cowbell set up for a beating in front of two large screens. These screens would simultaneously act as a light, as well as a channel for the vocal guests of latest album 'Gloss Drop', which includes the black-clad Gary Numan.

Playing songs from both debut album 'Mirrored' and 'Gloss Drop', the American band proceeded to draw everyone into their intense beat-bleep rock.

The masonic-esque chant beat of ‘Atlas’, their biggest single from ‘Mirrored’, gets everyone shuffling to its agitated schaeffelbeat.

Highlight of the evening is the saccharine-sweet van jingle of recent single 'Ice Cream', which starts with a fucked-up, disjointed intro before moving into its groove-heavy riffs. The repetitive clips of melting ice cream help to set the scene for a fantastic song that gets everyone jumping around.

Intent on delivering a set that sucks everyone in, chews them up and spits them out, there's no talking - just heavy muso beard-stroking going on. Until right at the end.

"Woah! Are you with us? 'Cos we're with you. Thank you for being with us," says Dave Konopka, clearly impressed by the turnout before him on the main stage. Coming back for an encore, the band play out an impressive dirge groove under the full moon.

The music-lovers' festival salutes a seriously fantastic headline set with deserved adulation.

Standon Calling 2011 continues tomorrow (13 August) with performances from Lamb and Saul Williams.


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