Weather watch: what to pack this weekend

Standon Calling, Bloodstock, Summer Sundae, Boardmasters

Photographer:Sara Bowrey

Daniel Fahey - 11 August 2011

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Those heading to Relentless Boardmasters 2011 in Newquay for a few days of Beach Sessions and a full weekend of mammoth acts as well as surfing competitions will be welcomed on Thursday by light rain and drizzle all day.

Friday will see much of the same with highs of 16°C and heavy rain showers expected around 4pm before Klaxons hit the stage in the evening, while Saturday’s looks to be the pick of the weekend’s weather with highs of 17°C, white clouds and just a chance of rain.

Standon Calling 2011 is likely to fare better on Friday, staying mainly dry with bright spells expected too and highs of 22°C. Rain is expected at night, though.

It’s likely to be as warm on Saturday but cloudy, while light showers and sunny spells will be order of the day on Sunday with highs of 21°C.

A grey start in Derby for Bloodstock Open Air 2011 will slowly turn into light rain before heavy showers and highs of 19°C on Friday. Saturday will have a few scattered downpours but mainly stay cloudy with highs of 19°C, before Sunday welcomes fewer chances of rain and pushes the mercury to near 21°C.

Summer Sundae Weekender 2011 ticket-holders can expect highs of 20°C on Friday with white cloud dominating the day before light rain showers take over at night.

There will be scattered showers on Saturday with similar temperatures expected too, but it should remain cloudy for the most part, while the sun will come out on Sunday, staying mainly dry, with highs of 21°C.

All weather forecasts are based on predictions by BBC Weather.


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