TRC get fed to The Rhino

Feed The Rhino and TRC fill in for Trash Talk at Hevy Festival


Photographer:Katie Anderson

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Ali Ryland | 06 August 2011

If you’re more of a ‘good news first’ type then hardcore metallers Feed The Rhino initialising the first mini-set is the right move. While many are disappointed at Trash Talk’s cancellation, they’re not about to be let down by the next 25 minutes.

The band almost immediately command the crowd to attempt the biggest circle pit of the festival. While there may be competition from Dillinger Escape Plan fans later tonight, there’s no chance that the carnage that ensued will be forgotten.

But Feed The Rhino are only filling half of Trash Talk’s original set; unfortunately, TRC swagger on, their hip-hop influenced hardcore failing to impress a crowd who just experienced the ferocity of Feed The Rhino.

Vocalists Carroll and Robson might have that cocky dynamic (despite Carroll bouncing around like the pilled-up 40 year old skinhead we know too well from punk gigs) but when not even ‘Bastards’ comes close to Feed The Rhino’s performance, it’s time to bow out gracefully.

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