goCarShare launch iPhone app

Download application for dedicated car sharing

goCarShare launch iPhone app

Owen Evans on 04 August 2011

Have you ever been left without a lift home at the end of a festival after your mate bailed on you? Well, fret no more, there’s an app for that.

The clever people at goCarShare have come up with a free application that maps your current location and allow you, with a pinch and click, to pick from a number of people who are offering rides back home who are just a phone call away.

Click to download the goCarShare app.

goCarShare.com has already linked up with over 50 of the top Summer festivals and is working with festivals in innovative ways to help people share journeys.

As part of a green initiative at the Secret Garden Party earlier this year, organisers charged drivers a £2.50 empty car seat tax. 

As a result, 291 drivers added their details on goCarShare.com, helping people get to the festivals they wanted and saving drivers from having to pay the tax.

The app should mean that driver get a contribution to the travel costs, which is helpful in a time of ever rising fuel prices, and guilt-free sleep, safe in the knowledge that they have done their bit for the environment.

So now there are no more excuses for being stuck behind. How about an app for hangovers now please?

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