Pink Pamper to ruffle some feathers at Glastonbury

Pink Pamper to ruffle some feathers at Glastonbury

16 June 2004

Lets face it, after spending the weekend of your life in a field surrounded by thousands of people, you want some R&R, a bit of looking after, your mum even.

Well, this Glastonbury visitors will have the opportunity to indulge themselves in some decadent, professional care as the festival unfolds - by visiting the Pink Pamper in the Lost Field.
The brain-child of hairdresser Brian Parsons, the Pink Pamper is much more than just a salon. It also features body painting (which dries into latex rubber clothing!), bubble tents, chill out sofas, a pampering parlour, and a variety of wigs, feather bowers, and masks to play with.

Oh, and did we mention that the lovely lady stylists parade around in pink leather chaps!

Brian told VF: "We are hoping to attract decadent party people in for some serious pampering. The girls are great stylists who can pull off some great hair-dos, including filling your barnet with flashing lights!"

The Pink Pamper can be found in the Lost Field at Glastonbury all weekend. 


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