Happy campers you will be thanks to Joe Bananas & VF


United Kingdom United Kingdom | 15 June 2004

Whether you can't be bothered searching your attic for that mouldy old tent, are still scarred from lugging it five miles back to the car last Glastonbury, or just love finding online bargains to satisfy those shopping cravings - at last we have the solution!
VF has teamed up with Joe Bananas, the UK's longest running festival market stall, to offer a number of jaw-droppingly competitive camping packages throughout the summer, tailor-made for individual camping needs.
Ian 'Lenny' Leonard, Joe Bananas owner and outright festival legend, explained: "I've always been a big believer in getting people what they want and in recent years, as we have sold more and more stock, people have been left out as we have sold all our camping gear.

"Our new 'Sorted!' campaign ensures no one gets left feeling disappointed as they can pre-order all their camping gear online and just pick it up at the festival." 

The packs range from a basic one-man tent, sleeping bag and roll mat (35), all the way to a super deluxe pack that would keep Geri Halliwell happy. (They don't provide dog kennels though!)

All you have to do to order yourself some spanking new camping gear for Glastonbury is click on the link below, choose what you want, and the lovely people at Joe Bananas will lug it all the way to festival, where it can be picked it up from their stall next to the Meeting Point, near the new Left Field tent. 

But be quick! The cut off for Glastonbury orders is this weekend.

To browse and buy camping equipment from Joe Bananas click here.

Joe Bananas' 'Sorted!' scheme will be running at Glastonbury Festival, Glade Festival, WOMAD, V Festival (Chelmsford and Stafford), and Reading Festival.  



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