Pulp get their hits out for Melt! Festival 2011

Band wow at a wet final day in Germany

Photographer:Peter Corkhill

18 July 2011

The band performed their 90s classics, to a singing Sunday crowd that bounced non-stop to the jangly guitars and synths.

The energy was unifying as the band blasted through their set, which included songs ‘Do You Remember the First Time?’, ‘Disco 2000’ and ‘Babies’.

Hero of British geek-chic, Jarvis Cocker commanded the stage despite his slight frame, demonstrating the best of English eccentricity, backed by the rest of the band who were on top form, playing with a certain attack that only a break from the scene can bring.

The highlight was, of course, ‘Common People’ – a song that inevitably evoked a swell of energy from the slightly sodden Melt! audience who showed no signs of waning after three days of partying. 

Hands were high in the air as the anthem reached its climax, leaving the festival on the high-note that it deserves after a truly spectacular weekend.

Check back for the VF Melt! Festival review.

By Celeste Adamson


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