Santigold crowned queen of Lovebox

Singer welcomes crowd on stage

Santigold crowned queen of Lovebox

Photographer: Peter Corkhill16 July 2011

At first she was dragged around wearing a regal gold cloak. 

Then she invited "the best dancers" from the audience onstage to join her go-go dancers.

When the white pantomime horse came out, the dancers waved lassoos above their heads.

And if that wasn't trippy enough, later the dancers spun black and white umbrellas hypnotically in the direction of the audience.

Playing her biggest single, 'L.E.S. Artistes' second, Santigold delivered a bold set laced heavily with her trademark sounds of electric beats and drums.

John, 27, from West London, said, "For an American she's got a really London sound! Consistent, high energy set."

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