Benicassim opening day closed by The Streets

The band finally play Benicassim on their farewell tour

Benicassim opening day closed by The Streets

Photographer: Siobhan Boyle15 July 2011

Mike Skinner wanders on stage and The Streets get off to slow start before launching into some Original Pirate Material with 'Don't Mug Yourself'.

The 32-year-old singer proclaims that the sticky hot Spanish air is too much for him and suggests to the crowd that he might have to get naked. Once the t-shirt is off the band continue to 'Push Things Forward'. 

They then take a moment to breath and Skinner asks the crowd to sit this one down, claiming that anyone still standing up is not a hero, "Don´t be a hero, don´t be a hero!". The crowd wait patiently for 30 seconds or so before on Skinners instruction to  jump into life on the drop of the beat.  

After teaching the crowd to skank and covering Katy B´s recent hit 'On A Mission' following an extended version of 'Blinded By The Lights'. The Streets are pleased to be there as Skinner said , "I´ve wanted to play here for 10 years so thank you Benicassim

Ending on the much beloved single, 'Fit But You Know It' with a mix up with 'I Love Rock and Roll', Skinner leaves the crowd wanting more. 

"I love him so much!," Said Lisa, 20, "That was incredible, I never wanted it to end."

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