Slipknot rip Sonisphere 2011 apart

Exploding headline set closes the metal festival

Slipknot rip Sonisphere 2011 apart

Kai Jones - 10 July 2011

With flames continually bursting through the stage, pyros exploding indiscriminately and the band clambering over instruments, amps and every inch of a shivering stage, Slipknot didn't just storm Sonisphere as explode into its face, David Cronenburg-style. The crowd - many of them dressed in Slipknot branded, 'maggot' overalls - sucking on every cathartic moment.

They finished the night by putting Paul Gray's No2 jump suit front centre, for the whole crowd to see, the band assembling in front of the now empty clothing, before drummer Joey Jordison gave the suit one final embrace.


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