Muddy sound can't stop 'Wonderman' Tinie Tempah at T

Tinie attracted an endless crowd on the second stage

Muddy sound can't stop 'Wonderman' Tinie Tempah at T

Photographer: Sara BowreyGavin McInally on 10 July 2011

Despite being on the festival's second stage he attracted an endless crowd that even Coldplay would have blushed about.

Following a much needed warm up of 'Frisky' and 'Wonderman' Tinie donned a kilt complete with the Saltire for 'Written In The Stars' which had crowd in hysterics.

"I think I've found my favourite festival", proclaimed Tinie with all the naivety of a circuit first timer but his class couldn't be denied as 'Miami 2 Ibiza' blasted out.

The massive bass overpowered every lyric and brief moment of melody but it mattered little as mud wrestlers who continued to body slam each other into brown puddles in the crowd.

Further proof that grime, hip-hop and dance have invaded the metal music mindset, 'Let Me See The Moshpit' is belted out with several circle created in the sea of bodies before Tinie closed with a very apt 'Pass Out'.

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