The Streets destroy Lounge On The Farm stage

Skinner takes to the stage sign with a hammer

Photographer:Siobhan Boyle

Phil Brady - 08 July 2011

After an explosive opening at Lounge on the Farm with 'Outside Inside', The Streets go onto play 'Don't Mug Yourself' with Mike Skinner stood gallantly on a speaker goading the dampened crowd with comments such as: “Do what the SAS do to keep dry and take off your clothes.”

Other highlights from the set 'Soldiers' from the new album 'Computer and Blues'. ‘OMG’ was also served up, the guitarist (with a voice which defied his appearance) singing the ethereal chorus beautifully.

With more of Skinner's trademark audience interaction he shouted: “If you take the 'O' from Lounge on the Farm what do you get?” and the field answer with aplomb: “Lunge!” Mike's gauntlet to turn it up a notch had been laid down.

Requesting a hammer, the adopted Londoner returned to the stage tooled up and successfully bashed the 'O' from the large wooden letters nailed to the Main Stage. He then instructs the revellers “When Ellie Goulding turns up here tomorrow and asks how you feeling Lounge on the Farm what you gonna say?” The answer in unison from the capacity crowd: “Lunge!”

Skinner left the delirious crowd with an impromptu stage drive during his encore at what may well be the groups final tour before they disband.

Warming up the stage for The Streets, Devlin showed his natural talent performing amongst his more recognised  tunes a three minute accapalla which took the crowd into a frenzy.

He told VF backstage after “I've just got back for playing in Ibiza and the reception her was way better.”

Confirming the discussion to switch the dance stage and the main stage further Annie Mac raised the tin roof on an invigorated Cowshed, so busy that the crowd flowed out the shed and into the rain.

VF Ones To Watch, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs told us: “It's kind of nice when a show designed for the night works equally well during the day,” which encapsulates the atmosphere of the first day Lounge On The Farm 2011 completely.

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