Queens Of The Stone Age blitz Eurockeennes

The Ting Tings and Beth Ditto play in France too


Photographer:Shirlaine Forrest

France France | by Tom Bentley | 03 July 2011

A heart thumping ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’ kicked proceedings off, reminding a packed natural amphitheatre that things were about to get a tad wild.

After a sip of a bottle of Absolut and proclaiming his love for Motorhead, who had warmed a more rocker heavy crowd an hour before, Homme and the band launched into the pacey ‘Little Sister’ before nailing it well and truly home with ‘Burn The Witch’.

Tracks from the band's fourth album ‘Lullabies To Paralyze’ featured heavily throughout a set that was welcomed with sun-kissed enthusiasm from moshers and chillers alike.

"We're gunna do it, and we're gunna do it all night," yelled Homme as the sun set behind the main stage and the cold night rolled in.

QOTSA ensured that temperatures didn't drop however by throwing down an abundantly groovy ‘Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret’ and ‘Go With The Flow’.

Predictably, it was ‘No One Knows’ that got the biggest reception from a crowd that was keen to leave every little bit of energy out there.

"Epic!" said John, one of a small pocket of Brits to have made the trip. "It's the second time I've seen them and I have to say that this one stands out. Maybe it's the setting, or that bottle they had."

British duo The Ting Tings packed a set chock full with favourites from their first album and a couple of snippets of their impending second to delight fans who had flocked en masse to the festival's main stage for one of their final summer appearances in the country.

The band burst into a hearty rendition of a punchy new opus - which will remain anonymous until its official launch - to kick things off with a bang, as singer Katie White whooped out the customary (albeit hastily learnt beforehand on the tour bus) "bonsoirs" and "mercis".

The now classic single ‘Shut Up And Let Me Go’ really got things going for the slightly sun burnt thousands, prompting waves of red crowd surfers from the back of the increasing pit.

Playing nicely with dynamics, the band took things back a notch with a softer, piano intro to ‘We Walk’.

The full song was an absolute belter, setting the duo up for a memorable finale to their 50 minutes in the limelight.

‘Hands’ was the crowning piece of the set, its hefty dance feel making the place well and truly bounce.

It was a simple, polished and energetic performance, capped with an encore of ‘That's Not My Name’, leaving yet another massive impression on both eastern France and fellow artists alike.

During her own tantalising set, Beth Ditto was heard asking her own fans whether they had "seen the Ting Tings" who she thought were "amazing".

"I loved the well known tunes and I am happy I got to witness a couple of their newest songs. I'm sure they'll be headlining next time they come down here," said Camille, a 21 year old local.


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