The Eagles spend the night at hotel Hop Farm

Four-piece end European tour with only UK date this year


United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Dane Cobain | 01 July 2011

The four piece opened with rock anthem 'Hotel California' before playing tracks from latest album 'Long Road Out of Eden' as the sun set. 

Switching guitars (from sparkly electrics to a double necker with a capo) as quickly as switching singers, the group brought their European tour to a close with their only UK date this year to a backdrop of retro photographs, tube trains, lasers and minor celebrities in gossip magazines.

"That's the first time I've heard that before," says fan Chuck Mayo of his fourth Eagles concert as they open with 'Hotel California'. "But there's something missing, they're a big arena band." 

Whatever they're lacking, it's not foot-tapping rock 'n' roll (there's plenty), sequins (galore) or an appreciative audience - maybe they're just nervous about sharing the headline slots with two other living legends. 

Hop Farm Festival continues tomorrow (Saturday 2 July) with Morrissey and Lou Reed and on Sunday (3 July) with Prince and Tinie Tempah

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