Download 2004: Saturday News


Photographer:John Bownas

United Kingdom United Kingdom | 05 June 2004

Saturday Rocks!

...or a Velvet Revolver experience?
It could just be the huge Velvet Revolver poster on the Donington site fence or perhaps it's simply wishful thinking, but the buzz around Download today (Saturday) has all been about a possible showing from some of the GNR posse. After last year's sneak appearance by 2004's headliners, Metallica, then anything could be possible! However The Dog isn't aware of anything that might make this anything more than just a rumour, so there's not going to be anything here to fuel this particular fire!

In which case the hair-rockers in the crowd will just have to make do with a full day of pure metal madness from 2004's hard-hitting Sunday bill!

Static X - Tour Bus Break Down
Soil lost on the motorway...
In a short statement from the band Static X explained their absence from Download Donington this Saturday:-
'We greatly apologise to everyone for not making it to the show as our tour bus broke down in Germany. We're extremely upset by this turn of events, we're so sorry.'
Elsewhere - somewhere on the UK motorway network, Soil's tour bus was driving in ever increasing circles trying to find it's way to the Castle Donington. Their absence on Saturday is promised to be fixed with an appearance on Sunday's bill. Meanwhile it gave Opeth time for one more song in their set...
The absences wer too late in the day for replacement bands to be found, but the incidents were the only things to upset the running order as all of the other bands on the three stages at Donington proved that Download really does rock!

Iggy Still Has It!
...and knows how to give it.

Iggy Pop continued to prove why at nearly 60 years of age he retains the title of rock's Wild Man! At today's Download Festival as he proceeded to gob on photographers, hurl himself and anything not tied down into the crowd, incite a 200+ stage invasion by fans and abuse not only the speaker skrims, but also the dozens of back-stage liggers who were lurking behind them. We can't repeat in polite company what Iggy said to the ligging fraternity, but suffice it to say you'd be sent straight to the headmaster if you used that word in class!

Backed once more by the infamous Stooges, Iggy was shirtless from the word go, with his wiry torso roadmapped by veins and not an ounce of spare flesh in view. The word immortal may well have been coined for this man who, by rights, shouldn't have ever made it through the 1970's - let alone be kicking bad ass well into a new century.



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