Rastamouse makes festival debut at Glastonbury 2011

Children's star helps 'make a bad ting good'


United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Daniel Fahey | 24 June 2011

Their set wasn't without drama however, as having been introduced onstage by a voice-over from President Wensley Dale of Mouseland, it became apparent that bongo player Zoomer had not joined Rastamouse and guitarist Scratchy onstage.

The crowd soon pointed out that he was, in fact, behind them, and having blamed his lateness on having been distracted by "the cheese pie stall round the corner", they started their set with a snippet of their famous BBC show theme tune, before launching into a furious version of 'Cooking And Jamming’.

With Scratchy telling the crowd to "nice it up!", they got hands in the air for 'Hot Hot Hot', while an extended jam featured even more audience participation, with the Crew attempting to teach them dance moves, with Rastamouse impressed with the results, praising the crowd for having "bare skills".

Rumours of guest appearances from Bagga T and Ice Popp failed to materialise, with the Easy Crew ably filling in for their parts in 'Ice Popp'.

The band ended with an extended version of their TV show theme tune, thanking everyone for “helping make a bad ting good.”

President Wesley Dale was immediately on the radio to declare the set "boombastic", although he then scuppered the trio's hopes of getting to check out some other bands at the festival, summoning them back to Mouseland, as “nuff tings were going down.”

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