VF Brings Strummerville to Glastonbury Left Field!

VF Brings Strummerville to Glastonbury Left Field!

04 June 2004

VF Supporting Strummerville

Friday night (25th June) on Glastonbury's Left Field Stage will be one to remember, as VirtualFestivals.com are dedicating the night (from 6.30pm onwards) to Strummerville - The Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music.

For the full Left Field line-up look HERE.

As a celebration of Joe's legacy, the Friday night will be a mix of established acts, new band showcases, solo musicians, DJ's and MC's - many of whom have long associations with The Clash front man.

The night will see performances from the likes of Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), and Mike Peters (The Alarm) with DJ's Don Letts and the Dub Cartell, and Bez (Happy Mondays) - all held together by MC's Attila The Stock Broker and Glastonbury icon Keith Allen.

Headlining the live section of the night are Carbon/Silicon (which sees the familiar faces of Mick Jones and Tony James in a new guise)

Geoff Martin, organiser of the Left Field stage confirms, "Left Field is about using music to spread a message of solidarity for different causes, and I know that that was something that Joe stood for very firmly."

Speaking for VirtualFestivals.com, organiser John Bownas, said. "It's been inspirational to have had such a positive response from these bands and performers - all of whom are giving us their time for free. We want people to go away from Glastonbury remembering the name of Strummerville and looking for ways to help it grow into something really special."
Speaking for Strummerville, Paula Woolfe said, "We're delighted that Left Field and Virtual Festivals are supporting us in this way. They've put a lot of hard work into giving us a platform to help us build people's awareness of who we are and what we are about."

The Strummerville charity is run by Joe's wife, family and friends to raise money in order to support young musicians: www.strummerville.com 
The Left Field is Glastonbury's fastest growing new stage. Originally conceived as a platform for debates and speeches, it now also puts on a substantial musical programme of the highest calibre: www.leftfield.coop/

About the artists (in playing order):
The Lovegods are a national competition-winning new band who have already been showcased heavily on BBC Radio One. (www.thelovegods.com)

David Rovics is a contemporary American singer-songwriter whose material leans heavily on current political debate. He believes strongly in the power of music as a social commentary and force for change. (www.davidrovics.com)

Attila the Stockbroker is a Glastonbury regular, and he'll be comparing the first half of the night, as well as playing with his band, Barnstormer. (www.attilathestockbroker.com)

Mike Peters (The Alarm) has never played Glastonbury before, and with his newly born son in tow this will be a night for him and his fans to savour. (www.thealarm.com)

Glen Matlock (The Sex Pistols). Glen has been performing alongside Mike Peters in Dead Men Walking for some years now, but this will be a largely solo performance from the ex-Pistol - and again, a Glastonbury first. (www.glenmatlock.com)

Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers) left the band nearly 15 years ago, but his name is still synonymous with the band which rode the crest of the wave of British Punk. This is another festival first, as Hugh makes his debut appearance at Glastonbury. (www.hughcornwell.com)
Republic of Loose are another new band who have recently won acclaim in a national competition - this time in Ireland, where they scooped the Meteora 'Hope of 2004' award. With a new album out in June they hope to springboard into the UK. (www.republicofloose.com)
Carbon/Silicon is the new vehicle for ex-Clash man Mick Jones and former Generation X star, Tony James (the brainchild behind Sique Sigue Sputnik!). How more fitting could it be that Mick's new band should round off the bands for Strummerville! (www.carbonsiliconinc.com)

Keith Allen will compere for the second half of the evening and anyone who has come across him at Glastonbury knows it will be anything but predictable.

Donn Letts and the Dub Cartel. Donn is a legendary figure in the music industry - a one time member of Big Audio Dynamite and a prolific video producer with two feature films under his belt. As the bands finish then the Dub Cartel Sound System will take Glastonbury through into Saturday morning. (www.thefilthandthefury.co.uk/F&FODDERSTOMPF/ARCHIVES/ARTS/greg2.html)


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