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Magnetic Man wrap up Beach Break Live 2011

Dubstep group conclude things on the main stage


Photographer:Jamie Boynton

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Chris Eustace | 20 June 2011

Skream, Benga and Artwork took to the stage on a raised platform, with MC The Sgt. asking "who's feeling rowdy?"

With ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ and ‘Fire’ both played early on, the up-for-it crowd soon answered that question, with festival-goers clearly fancying one last dance.

‘Almost There’ took things up a notch further, with the crowd drowning out John Legend's recorded vocals.

With the dubstep supergroup impressed with the "mental" crowd, they teased them with the intro to ‘I Need Air’ for a couple of minutes before unleashing it for an even bigger reaction.

Rapper P Money also joined the collective for their new single, as the dubstep-loving audience continued to give their all into the night.

Check back for our Beach Break Live 2011 review.


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