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White Lies finish Beach Break Live 2011 day two

Band play set bursting with hits - full details


White Lies - Death

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Chris Eustace | 18 June 2011

The video screens faded to black and white as the band, expanded to a five-piece for live duties, opened with ‘Farewell To The Fairground’.

As the band set about getting the crowd moving, the first four songs were all singles, as ‘Holy Ghost’, ‘Strangers’ and ‘To Lose My Life’ all followed, which saw a mass of audience members held aloft on others' shoulders down at the front.

Belying the band's "gloom-rock" image, singer/guitarist Harry McVeigh beamed as he told the crowd: "We're having a really good time," before launching into ‘The Price Of Love’, while also introducing the band's biggest hit, Death’ with a tongue-in-cheek "some of you will know this one."

After a closing trio of 'Unfinished Business', 'The Power And The Glory' and 'Bigger Than Us', which was well received by a pogoing crowd, the five band members took a bow at the front of the stage, waving to their fans as they left.

Shy FX and Sub Focus are due to play the Merlin's Forest tent later, ahead of the student festival's final day, which will be headlined by Magnetic Man.


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