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Profeessor Green plays Monster Beach Break Live set

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs hit main stage too


Photographer:Al De Perez

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Chris Eustace | 17 June 2011

The rapper, augmented by a live band, a DJ and two backing singers, led the crowd through tracks from his ‘Alive 'Til I'm Dead’ album in welcome evening sunshine, playing hits ‘I Need You Tonight’ and ‘Just Be Good To Green’ midway through the set, prompting a big crowd reaction.

He was later joined by Maverick Sabre, who had played earlier, for their collaborations, ‘In The Air’ and ‘Jungle’, before ending with ‘Monster’.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs played to a similarly bouncy main stage beforehand, with Orlando Higginbottom promising "songs to rave to" and asking the crowd to "dance like Cossacks".

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