Avenged Sevenfold cause stir at Download Festival 2011

Band play ahead of the returning System Of A Down


Photographer:Sophie Paterson

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Ali Ryland | 12 June 2011

While the first strums of ‘Nightmare’ shuddered through the eager crowd, one might look at the sunglasses, the glazed expressions and cut-off tees and think the song title horrifically apt.

But then you’d be mistaking calm for too-fucking-cool.

The balls-rubbing guitar duos of Vengeance and Gates screamed hilarity and Shadows’ voice was not strong at the best of times, Avenged Sevenfold managed to pull it off.

New album material was received hesitantly but ‘Afterlife’ and ‘Bat Country’ brought out the pits and left the pomp.

A lack of oldies was a shame considering how well ‘Unholy Confessions’ was honoured by scenesters and rockers alike, but the crown on Synyster Gate’s coiffed head was to be ‘A Little Piece of Heaven’.

Dedicated to the Rev, the rare treat had fans all warmed up for System Of A Down.


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