Trentemoller leaves Glade 2011 crowd confused

Subdued Friday headline set makes poor impression

Trentemoller leaves Glade 2011 crowd confused

Joe Taylor on 11 June 2011

Known for his genre-warping sound, fans were expecting madness from the Danish legend, but instead faced a drawn out series of bleeps, bass and feedback. 

"Oi mate, whens Trentemoller starting?" one confused punter was forced to ask VF halfway through the set. It was a question that lingered as the tent began to empty and VF wandered off in search of something more exciting.  

The Overkill Stage grabbed the award for the night's most mental party with DJ's Droid and Squire of Gothos going head to head in an epic soundclash. Kanji Kinetic and Rrritalin followed suit and dirty D'n'B tunes from Current Value kept it going through until 4am.

SLAM and Adam Beyer play the Glade Stage tonight, follow Virtual Festivals on Twitter to find the latest news and opinions from Glade Festival 2011

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