Ms Dynamite Rocks the Ness

Star opens day two of the Scottish festival

Ms Dynamite Rocks the Ness

Photographer:Sam Brill

Daniel Pratley - 11 June 2011

Dressed in white with gangsta hoops and gold pumps, MS Dynamite raggafied tracks from dubstep leaders Katy B and Magnetic Man.

Her soon to be released new track, 'Never Soft' produced by Labarinth, was well received by a meagre Rockness crowd.

"To be honest I'm surprised to see her, she ain't my cuppa. I prefer grime," said Jan Leask from Aberdeen. "I love it when she jogs on the spot, reminds me of playing on my wii fit," she joked.

Rockness 2011 continues today with sets from the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and Chapel Club as well as headliners The Chemical Brothers.


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