V2001 - Chelmsford

18 August 2001 - 19 August 2001

Bjorn Again Interview Backstage at V2000

By Alison Pibworth || 21 August 2000
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A backstage chat with 'Freida' and 'Agnetha', from Australian cover superstars Bjorn Again...

A backstage chat with 'Freida' and 'Agnetha', from Australian cover superstars Bjorn Again...

VF: What was it like out there on stage?

Agnetha: It’s been very fantastic for us, wouldn’t you agree Freida?

Freida: It’s one of our favourite days, V2000.  The crowd were very exciteable and we were really excited ourselves.

VF: What other festivals have you played this summer.

A: Quite a few in Europe and in Britain. We’ve been playing everywhere!

VF: What has been your favourite?

F: After playing today, V2000 is at the top of my list.

VF: Should you trust a hippy at a festival?

F: Of course!

A: Only trust hippies at festivals

VF: What bands would you like to see today?

F: We’re definitely going to see Barenaked Ladies; we love them but we have a very tight schedule so we have to go after that. We would have liked to of seen Moby but we’ll put the CD on on the way home.

VF: Who would play your dream festival?

F: Elvis. Definitely. I think you’d have Doris Day headlining, Agnetha.

A: Hehe. I’d have Tom Jones, or maybe the Rolling Stones or maybe Abba.

F: Abba?

A: Well, maybe not.

F: No, I’m not really into them. The Brotherhood of Man would be good though.

VF: So what are you up to next?

F: We’re doing a tour of Britain in September. We’ll be all over the place then and then we’re going over to Australia.


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