Guillemots @ V Festival 2007

by Claire Elshaw
20 August 2007

Fyfe Dangerfield has possibly the coolest name in rock. He either had to become a musician or a superhero. Luckily he chose music over wearing his underwear on the outside of his trousers - although with Guillemots you are never sure what could happen.

Virtual Festivals: Have you played V before?
Fyfe Dangerfield: “No, this is the first time.”

VF: How are you finding it?
FD: “We’re on at a tough time because we’re on at the same time as The Fratellis and everyone wants to go and sing 'Chelsea Dagger'. It’s great to be on a nice stage.”

VF: So was it raining yesterday in Staffordshire?
FD: “Yes a lot.”

VF: How did your set go?
FD: “Yeah it was alright, it was fine. It wasn’t one of our best but it was fine. I don’t think we were on fire.”

VF: Have you played many festivals this year?
FD: “Yes quite a lot. Not as many as last year. Last year was our first year doing festivals so we did every one we could. I’ve really enjoyed the ones this year because we haven’t been gigging nearly as much recently so it’s been much more of an experience. We played Glastonbury and the Rip Curl Boardmasters in Newquay. We also played a gig in the Faroe Islands; the gig itself wasn’t incredible but the whole festival [G! Festival] was amazing, absolutely beautiful; we were there about 3 days - sitting in a boat eating fish soup for 3 days. The one in Newquay was really cool; I think that was our best performance.”

VF: You quite often play unusual items onstage. Where does that come from?
FD: “I don’t know really. MC [MC Lord Magrao] plays a typewriter; he’s been doing that for years.  It just makes a cool noise. We’re just used to it. You look at what instruments are; they are just bit of metal and plastic. You might as well try and get sound out of other things apart from things you can buy in shops that are labeled musical instruments. That’s how we look at it.”

VF: Have you anything special lined up to bring onstage today?
FD: “Not anything special, just what we have usually, its fun. If you are playing gigs all the time you want to keep it interesting for yourself.  If you find metal plate lying around that makes a good noise, you add it and take it on tour. I think it’s important you try and keep it interesting for yourself because that keeps up the energy levels for the people to watch.”

VF: Have you caught any other acts whilst you’ve been here?
FD: "I saw the Manics [Manic Street Preachers] yesterday because they’re my childhood heroes. I was really, really obsessed with them when I was 16. So I got all mad teenager again. I was side stage watching them and getting all embarrassed that was quite funny. I saw a bit of Basement Jaxx, they are quite cool I like them.”

VF: Did you go to many festivals before you started playing at them?
FD: “No not many. I was always busy when the festivals were on or I couldn’t afford to get in. I went to Knebworth to see Oasis when I was 16 like everyone else. There was some really good small ones we played at last year that I would go to if I wasn’t busy this summer like Latitude and End of the Road.” 

VF: What are your plans for after the summer?
FD: “We’re finishing our next album at the moment, so back to the studio. Keep writing songs that are really difficult to sing.”

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Photographer: Sara Bowrey

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