Seasick Steve @ Glastonbury 2007

by Ben Murray
23 June 2007

Virtual Festivals: So you played the pyramid stage yesterday, how was that?
Steve: It was a little big for one person to sit on but it was all good – the people were all super nice.

VF: The Guillemots were on a bit after you and they loved your set, they really praised you.
Steve: I love them too man! The dude rolling around with his chair and all that, I really liked that band. They had all kind of things going on, it was something special, they impressed me a lot.

VF: Who else has impressed you so far?
Steve: I haven't seen a lot but I saw The Rumble Strips last night and I really like them and I really like Lilly Allen, really liked her. She was great, I'm easy to entertain.

VF: So you've got a pretty wide taste then?
Steve: As long as they're doing what they're doing and I get it then it's all good.

VF: Is this your first Glastonbury?
Steve: Shit.  Ah yeah, I ain't never been nowhere like this before.

VF: Really? You don't have anywhere like this in America?
Steve: I never went to anywhere like this before. I went to Altamont in 1969 and that was the last festival I went to.

VF: So this is like a second coming for you?
Steve: Now I'm playing so many festivals this summer I guess I'm going to find out what they're all about.

VF: What other festivals are you playing this summer?
Steve: Reading, Leeds, Greenman, Latitude, Bestival – so many I don't know them all.

VF: Glastonbury is pretty famous for some strange sights and people, have you seen anything really strange?
Steve: Well you know I haven't walked around too much because I just get lost right away but also people stop me every ten feet to say hello.

VF: Sorry about that.
Steve: It's no big deal but I never get anywhere. I lose my thought about where I was going – the furthest I've gone is that other side of that tent over there (about 200m away)

VF: I'll let you get on then…
Steve: No worries.

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Photographer: Lisa Rocket

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