The Kooks @ Glasto 2007

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Ross Purdie23 June 2007

VF: How does it feel to be playing the Pyramid Stage, warming up for The Killers?
Hugh Harris: "It's brilliant - but crazy. We never expected to be so high up the bill but we're very excited."

VF: Enjoying a bit of Glastonbury then?
HH: "Yeah it's not so bad is it? We only got in five minutes ago. It's obviously not muddy enough though!"

VF: Were you expecting this much mud?

HH: "Well, we heard it was raining and I do feel a bit underdressed to be honest, I could do with another layer, but it's do-able isn't it. I've got a fat load of mud outside our tour van which I drew a smiley face in. I think at the end of the set I'll just go swimming!"

VF: Any particular swimming style?

HH: "It would have to be a doggy paddle, wouldn't it. We came three years ago and I remember walking around it was fine. But it's been this muddy ever since that year - every time I turn on the TV it looks this muddy."

VF: What was that year like?
HH: "We came before we were signed and Luke [Pritchard, lead singer] brought a two man tent for four of us, so we slept like sardines on top of each other. It was quite eventful really, but it was my only Glastonbury to date. It's kind of weird now being on the other side. To be honest they have proper toilets backstage, which are nicer, but I'd still much rather be out in the thick of it. I'm gonna meet my friends in a few moments, so we'll have a good stomp around."

VF: Any surprises in your set later?

HH: "We're going to play a few new songs; we've got about 3 or 4 of them. If we had it our way we'd probably play our full set of new songs. I guess people want to hear the old ones too."

VF: Which new ones are you going to play?
HH: I guess one called 'Sway' and there's another called 'Always Where You Need To Be', which could be a single one day. But our set is never set in stone, so we might mix it up a bit on stage."

VF: How does that work?

HH: "Luke will nod and say this is what we do - just a chat and a nod and a "play that fucking song". It just depends on how everyone's feeling really."

VF: What are your tips to survive Glastonbury?
HH: "Socks! Loads of them. And wigs and hats. Glastonbury is more flamboyant in its hat attire than Ascot these days. There seems to be fewer people coming in fancy dress and more people in just normal clothes, which is cool, I'm down with that. But get a decent hat or wig definitely. It helps your mates find you in the crowd, too."

VF: Can you explain Glastonbury in 10 words?

HH: "No. You can't really sum it up in 10 words; it's like summing up a lifetime of experiences in 10 words. It is what it is, it's what you make it! In a way it's great to see good bands, but at the end of the day when you have 180,000 people in one place that's gonna create one hell of a party! It's like a football match - it's not the game you're there for, it's how good the crowd are around you."

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- Photographer: Peter Corkhill

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wrote on Friday 9 May :
Loving The Kooks at the moment... their new album is great! Has anyone heard of The Hot Melts? They kinda sound like The Kooks... really great sound!

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