DragonForce @ Download 2007

United Kingdom United Kingdom | | 09 June 2007

Virtual Festivals: How’s it going? You’ve obviously arrived on site…
Herman Li: "We’ve arrived on site.  We’ve been slaved like you know, slaves doing interviews, but that’s cool, you know."

VF: Do you mind doing interviews, or is just part and parcel of being in a band?
HL: "I did a Mariah Carey actually, I told them to do the interviews tomorrow, so actually tomorrow is the real interview day, today we only have a few. I did the Mariah Carey card; pretend I’m actually a real rock star."

VF: So this is your second Download?
HL: "Yeah it’s the second time. Two years in a row now, so obviously we can’t play it next year because they’re going to hate us. Three times, you know… it's too much."

VF: You’re obviously much appreciated in this country. Do you look after your English fans and come here as much as you can?
HL: "The fans put us here. The reason we’re doing it is because we get all these emails saying, “Your set was too short last year.” That’s why we’ve got a longer set, different set list, different songs. The reason we do it is for the fans, really."

VF: Is this the only festival you plan on doing?
HL: "We’ve just done Rock Am Ring in Germany, which is like the biggest one there, and we’re doing the biggest one in the UK. That’s cool, you know."

VF: Do you have a new album out soon?
HL:  "We’re working on it but you’ll have to wait until next year for that."

VF: Will you be playing any new material?
HL: "No, we can’t even play our old songs properly, so we’re still working on that. Any new songs are going to wait till the next tour."

VF: What other bands are you looking forward to?
HL: "Well obviously Iron Maiden, everyone wants to see Iron Maiden. Some friends are playing and actually I want to see Cynic play, I really miss them. Sanctity and stuff like, you know the bands you don’t usually get the chance to see that easy.  It’s great that Download gets the really big bands and the small underground bands that are great and just starting out so we want to see them too."

VF:  Are there any bands you want to avoid?
HL:  "Avoid? Dragonforce.  Oh I’m playing in that! Bummer!"

VF: What do you think about the bottling culture here in the UK?
HL:  "I think its looks pretty cool."

VF: As long as you don’t get hit…
HL: "We’re pretty good at dodging anyway so if they want to throw them, let them."

VF: Have you got any advice for any first time Downloaders?
HL: "It’s either a mud bath or a roast fest, so get your sun cream or your boots ready."

VF: Would you use the public toilets here at Download?
HL: "If I was drunk, yeah."

Dragon Force played the Main Stage at Download on Friday, 8 June, at 4.40pm.

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- Photographer: Sara Bowrey

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