Primal Scream - Mani

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Chris McCormick | 05 July 2006

Virtual Festivals: You just came over from Roskilde. How did it go there?
Mani: Yeah, we came back early this morning. We've been quite well behaved boys, for a change!

Did you get to watch the footy?
Well we watched the game but then we had to go on-stage after the first half of extra time, so we missed the second half and the penalties. Someone held a sign saying 'England Out' at the side of the stage and I just threw my bass in the air and went "Yes!!", 'cause the band have got three Scotsmen and I'm a Republic of Ireland fan. Still, I'm quite gutted because England put on a good performance yesterday but they'd been crap all tournament and I'm glad that Ericsson's gone because the guy's a numpty.

What would your message to Sven be?
Don't ever fucking come back!

How does it feel doing dirty stripped-down rock n' roll on the new album?
Yeah, well we had our little play... fucking about with samplers and computers, and now we've come full circle, right back to being a rock n' roll band which is what we're good at. It feels great, man, getting people jumping about, all hot and sweaty, basically having a good time.

[Paul Weller glides past]
You got any surprises for the set, teaming up with the Modfather, perhaps?
Er... I don't know, really. The surprise will be if we all make it through without one of us dying, man.

You look fairly calm and together, though.
Yeah, we're feeling good man.

No repeats of last year then?
Nah, we're looking forward to going and doing it and... what happened last year?

Er, Glastonbury...
That was great, man, an amazing rock n' roll performance on a day when there was a load of pussies, really. So we just wanted to go and fucking annoy people 'cause rock n' roll should be annoying as well as beautiful. And I think we did that quite well.

Well keep doing it!
And by the way, Mr. Eavis is still good friends with us as well, ha ha!

So you're going to go back, are you?
I'd love to go back mate, I love gettin' all me clothes full of shit and having to throw 'em away, it's great innit!

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- Photographer: Kate Anderson

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