Elbow - backstage @ Leeds 2005

United Kingdom United Kingdom | | 27 August 2005

Virtual Festivals: Hi Lads, so who's got the biggest hangover today?
Guy Garvey: Who's got the biggest cock? That's a brilliant opening question

No, hangover?
Oh right. Er... we're not to bad today actually, just got up to the usual festival antics last night.

Does life on the road wear you guys out?
Well this is the first time out for a long time because we've been busy recording the new album which incidentally is out on the 12th of September.

The new single 'Forget Myself' is a more upbeat affair than we're used to hearing from Elbow, was that a conscious decision?
Yes and no really. We're all in happy places at the moment; a few of us have just had kids which we're really chuffed about. Also we were able to record the new album in Manchester so we could actually go home for our tea and things like that.

Chris Martin recently admittied to plagiarising Elbow on Coldplay's new single Fix You, does that annoy you?
No, not at all, it's a compliment really. I can see how people would think there are similarities between their tune and Grace Under Pressure, but it's only the use of organ sounds, it's cool.

How was Reading yesterday?
It was great, the usual festival nightmare of no sound check, but it went really well, we were worried because we were sampling new stuff but it went down well.

Is it true that you used the crowd again yesterday for the video for your next single?
Yeah we managed to get them doing a big wave which we'll use in our next single. ~We love using the crowd, it's like another instrument and it's great to get them involved. Once you get the crowd involved like that there so much more responsive from then on.

Have you managed to catch any of the bands on the line up this year?
We saw QOTSA and they were brilliant. We also caught the Pixies, I never really got into the Pixies before and couldn't understand what all the fuss was about, but they blew me away yesterday. It's a shame we couldn't catch Iron Maiden, that I would definitely go and see, Run to the Hills is my favourite!!

Who are Elbow listening to at the moment?
We're all really into the Arcade Fire, their amazing. Getting back into Beck too, like his use of sounds. The Futureheads are great too.

Do you prefer playing up north being northerners yourself?
Yeah definitely. I think the crowds up north are more responsive, although saying that Reading were great yesterday/

Are you about all weekend, are you hanging around to get drunk?
Yeah we'll sink a few here tonight, but we're off later because we've got to go and DJ at Get Loaded in the Park and it's Pete's birthday so I imagine we'll be blind drunk by the end of it tomorrow.

You've been partaking in the Nokia RAW Master classes this weekend, how's that gone?
Yeah it was good, we just sat there surrounded by people sat on poufs and answered questions. I like the idea of it because we like talking about our music and it was cool that people wanted to listen.

And finally, if Elbow were a dessert what would they be? 
Why of course it would have to be Cheesecake, definitely. Comes in a variety of flavours with a solid crispy base. Can't argue with that can you?

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