Slipknot: A Backstage Chat

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Ruth Booth | 19 June 2005

There were some dodgy looking characters backstage at Download this year, none moreso than Slipknot, who were here for their second appearance at the festival. Percussionist Chris Fehn (nose) and VF go way back!

Virtual Festivals: How the devil are you?
Chris Fehn: Good - how are you?

VF: Not bad thanks. Right, you guys are pretty much regulars here so how does it feel to be back in Donington?
CF: Yeah, it's awesome. We always love playing here except there isn't a castle [there is, actually - archaeological Ed] so we're kind of confused, but seriously, there's a good crowd. It's a big festival with a lot of cool bands, you know, we always love it.

VF: Have you guys had much time to check any of those bands out today?
CF: There's always a lot of interviews to do and getting here is ninety percent of the battle. We actually haven't seen any other bands yet, but we always try to.

VF: Have you got anything special planned for tonight's show?
CF: It's always just Slipknot and we always try to give 120% in everything we do. There's some cool effects going on and all of us are going to be there.

VF: In the past you've had a rotating drum kit on stage. Have you ever had the chance to get up there yourself and have a go?
CF: No way! Wouldn't do it, no, maybe some day I will but no, I haven't yet. I leave that to Joey.

VF: Did you see Society 1 earlier with Matt Zane's meat hooks? Would you ever be tempted to try something like that yourself?
CF: No but I understand some of the so-called religion behind it. It's very intriguing what those people go through to mentally prepare themselves for things like that so I'm definitely, on a spiritual level, interested but other than that, it's not for me.

VF: You guys are a very inspirational band for a lot of the fans who come out to Download. Do you ever get the chance to go out there and meet any of them?
CF: Well obviously you don't know what I look like so when I go out in the crowd and watch the other bands, I'm like a normal fan so it's really cool to be able to do that. I can enjoy the festival just like anybody else. If you're ever wondering whether we're out there - we are.

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- Photographer: Robin Hosgood

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