VF Takeover: Dry The Twitter!

The band answer your quickfire questions

Photographer:Al De Perez

Chris Eustace - 08 March 2012

Matt Taylor sat down with a hastily printed sheet of A4 and went through some of the best ones, rapid-fire style...

Do your fans have a nickname (like Beliebers, Directioners etc.)? - Alice Clark

S: “No they don’t, but we’d like to start a Twitter competition for the best suggestion!”

(Feel free to let us know your ideas and we’ll pass them on to the band. Perhaps we can all just be Sons Of The River – even the ladies?!)

What’s your favourite TV show? - Niamh Foster

J: “I’d say…Community!”

What’s been your favourite tour or show so far? – Rob Nowak

S: “Our favourite tour was with The Antlers, the greatest band in the world! Our favourite show we’ve played was at Brixton Academy with Bombay Bicycle Club, it’s the biggest show we’ve ever done.”

Did you enjoy playing the U.S.? – James G.

J: “Yes, massively! We got to go to L.A. which was an absolute treat.”

Please tell me you have parties like the one in the video for ‘The Chambers & The Valves’ all the time?! – Charlotte Hurley

S: “Yeah, every week, in a disguised location!”

What’s your favourite song on the album to play live? - Clara & Peter

J: “‘Lion’s Den’, absolutely.”

What was the last album you bought? – Russell Lovett

J: “Other Lives - ‘Tamer Animals’”

Is it weird when you hear yourself on the radio? – Kate Ellis

S: “The band? Or talking? It’s absolutely brilliant to hear the songs, but I think I sound like Droopy the dog on the radio!”


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