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Glasto Interviews: Kings Of Leon

By Ross Purdie || 06 Jul 04
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Clean shaven and slightly nervous ahead of their Pyramid Stage performance, Caleb and Jared Followill sit down with VF to chat about their new album and why they love playing in the UK

Virtual Festivals: How are you feeling ahead of your first Pyramid Stage gig?
Caleb: We played last year in the New Tent but this is definitely the biggest thing we've ever done in England.
Jared: I'm scared, I don't like it at all! I'm just not going to look at the crowd.

VF: What's the difference between playing in America and in the UK?
Jared: Now, when we play in the States, it's like England used to feel. It is just the beginning for us over there, people are just starting to go crazy. That's been happening here for the last year but it's taken longer back home. It's great 'cos now, all of a sudden, they love you and sound really excited. Over here more people know who we are.

VF: Is the success you've had in the last year and the media attention you're getting dragging you away from your roots at all?
Caleb: No, we've just finished our second record and we had some time out before that, so we're really enjoying it all again. We just love playing in England. We try and ignore the media bullshit side of things.

VF: Tell us about the new album.
Jared: We finished the album in LA and it's definitely a step forward. It doesn't sound much like our first one.
Caleb: There are elements the same, I supose, but we just recorded it and it contains stuff we've picked up while being on the road. Our experiences just come out on the album.

VF: What are the stand-out tunes?
Jared: 'Milk' is my favourite, but we were determined not to record any throw-away tunes at all. Every song was written to sound like a single. They all sound pretty good to us.

VF: What will be the first single?
Caleb: We don't really know yet. We're going to try and work that out later. There are so many, but record companies can often pick your worse tune. It fucking sucks. I dunno, it could be 'Razz' or ...
Jared: '4 Kicks' ...
Caleb: Or 'King Of The Rodeo'.

VF: And who are you looking forward to seeing here?
Caleb: Oh, there's loads we want to see.
Jared: Bright Eyes, The Walkmen ...
Caleb: Oasis definitely.
Jared: Oh, and Morrissey. We're looking forward to a good Glastonbury.


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