Glastonbury Festival 2004

25 June 2004 - 27 June 2004

Glasto Interviews: Ambush

By Wayne Hoyle || 04 July 2004
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Whilst roaming the mud soaked fields, we bumped into a group of lads playing their first ever gig at the world’s greatest festival. Yet, they’re unsigned with no management. How did that happen then?

Virtual Festivals: So, tell us a bit about yourselves.
David: We’ve been together two years. We’re from East London. Three of us, me James and Pete went to school together, and John’s my younger brother. We all grew up together and formed the band.

VF: How would you describe the kind of stuff you play?
James:  It’s quite different from anyone else really. A lot of people ask us what kind of music we are and people have different opinions but, even though we’ve been doing acoustic sets here at The Crown, normally we’re a kind of blues-y, funky rock band.

VF: How did you manage to land this gig at Glastonbury?
David: It started off through Lee Jeans. We played at this unsigned festival in the Carnaby Street Lee Concepts Store and we had to play in the shop window. It was sunny and it was fantastic. Everybody just stopped in the street and stood and watched us. So we done that and Lee (Jeans), straight after, immediately, said we want you to play at Glastonbury.

VF: And is this your first time here?
David: It’s my first time. I’ve been to V five times and this is much better. There’s just such a diversity of acts. I love it.

VF: Have you got an album’s worth of material ready and waiting?
James: Yeah, we do a lot of stuff ourselves. Pete’s got his own studio that we work out of. We’ve built it up over the last few years to the point now where we can record our own stuff. We’re not managed even though we’ve got to the point where we should be soon. A lot of the stuff we’re doing ourselves at the moment.

VF: So it’s your first ever gig at Glastonbury. It must be tempting to get completely trollied?
John: I’d say we’re quite clean boys, really. Compared to some of the other people I’ve seen… 
Pete: I disappeared last night for about an hour. I went back to the tent…and had a lay down. A couple of these boys came back and they were like, “You alright?” and I still didn’t know what was going on really. So I had a break then got back into it. That’s about as messy as it gets.

VF: Where do you see yourself a few months down the line?
James: Pyramid stage!
Pete: Or the Other Stage then they can invite us back to the Pyramid Stage.
David: Things are just going really well. We’re getting such a good response from everyone at the moment. Everything we’re doing is going down well. We had a fantastic gig last week at the Gardening Club which was just heaving. The whole place was pumping. We’re playing there again. We’re playing the Barfly in September. They keep asking us back everytime we play there. We get a really good vibe from the audience. They’re up, they’re dancing. That’s what we try and do. We get people moving, enjoying themselves and having a good time. With the beats, the basslines and that – we keep people up on their feet!



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