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Re-live this weekend's festivals!

News, pictures & video from Download, Isle of Wight and RockNess

Download 2011
News: Linkin Park triumph at Download
News: Rob Zombie plays a horrifyingly good set
News: System Of A Down wow with return
News: Def Leppard play defiant headline set
News: The Darkness make dazzling comeback
Photo Blog: Day one in photos
Photo Blog: Day two in photos
Photo Blog: Day three in photos
Interview: Jaska Raatikainen, Children of Bodom
Interview: James Cassells, Asking Alexandria
Interview: Josh Todd, Buckcherry

Isle of Wight 2011
News: Kasabian stop rain at IOW
News: Foo Fighters' spell-binding show
News: Pulp give it their lot at IOW
News: Kings Of Leon crown opening day
News: Kaiser Chiefs return disappoints
Video: Big Country talk fighting cancer
Photo blog: Day one in photos
Photo blog: Day two in photos

RockNess 2011

News: Paolo Nutini covers MGMT at RockNess
News: White-suited Wombats hit RockNess
News: Chemical Brothers close day two
News: Kasabian set RockNess on fire
Photo blog: Day one in photos
Photo blog: Day three in photos

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Josh Todd, Buckcherry at Download 2011

Buckcherry frontman talks to us backstage at Donington


Photographer:Sara Bowrey

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Anna Hyams | 12 June 2011

Are you sick of the rain yet? 

It's just started actually, we had a show in Glasgow yesterday so we're going to do these shows, and Download. We're excited for it, we look forward to it every year.

What song are you most looking forward dot playing to this crowd?

We've just started playing a new song off our new record called 'Recovery' and it's been going over really great live.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen a Buckcherry fan do?

It's always weird to me when people get our signatures tattooed on them. It's happened a few times and I just find that very strange. When you see the artwork on them that's cool but when you get the signature that's a bit creepy.

Have you ever had a tattoo done when you were really drunk?

Yea, I got one of my first tattoos, Betty Boo, I got tattooed on my wrist. Really bad decision, really drunk and I got it covered up. I think everyone who gets tattooed a lot has one of those stories.

In terms of rock star credibility, have you ever thrown anything out of a hotel room window?

No I haven't. We've always operated on kind of a low budget so we always knew we'd have to pay for that. It's out of cheapness.

What's your best festival experience?

We just did Sweden Rock Festival and everyone was really passionate about rock and roll there. It was a very really cool, very memorable experience. 

What do you love or hate about eating over in the UK?

I'm sure we've had some bad stuff but what I do love is English breakfast. Baked beans and stuff, we don't have that in the states.

If you came back from a show and found Lemmy in your bed and he'd drunk all your booze what would you do? 

I'd probably just lay a blanket over him. Give him a pat on the back and find another place to lay down. He's a legend, we love Lemmy.

Finally do you have another album in the pipeline after 'All Night Long'?

We've started writing already and we've been on tour for 'All Night Long' since July last year so we're probably going to wrap up touring late September  and then go make another record.

Buckcherry played the Second Stage today at Download Festival 2011. Linkin Park close the headline stage while Rob Zombie plays the Second Stage headline slot. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news from Donington and to read the first review of Download 2011

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