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Re-Live this weekend's festivals!

Action from Wychwood, Bushstock and We, The People

Virtual Festivals TV - Guillemots interview at Bushstock Festival 2011

Wychwood 2011
Review: 'A peach of a family festival'

Photos including Charlatans, 3 Daft Monkeys, more
News: Ian Anderson delights festival
News: The Waterboys round off day two
News: The Charlatans play to receptive crowd

We, The People 2011
Review: 'It fails to reach its full potential'
Photos including Chase And Status, Example, more
News: Chase And Status 'mesmerising' headline show
News: The Streets bring curtain down on We, The People 2011

Bushstock 2011
Review: 'A resounding success with room to expand'
News: Marques Toliver covers TLC's 'No Scrubs'
News: Guillemots play sweaty Bushstock show
Video: Treetop Flyers talk Glastonbury and Dylan
Video: Kev Jones from Communion on Bushstock
Video: Daughter interviewed at Bushstock 2011

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My Festival Life... Skin, Skunk Anansie

The legendary rock front-woman describes her life in festival highs and lows


by Chris Swindells | 02 June 2011

Photographer:Burak Cingi

My worst festival experience was in Germany, we’d been booked for a festival and when we got there it was just hardcore dance and industrial techno everywhere. We were kind of standing around going ‘what the fuck are we doing this for?’ and then, as the last band came off and we started setting up, they started booing. The booing just got louder and louder, they were throwing beer cans as we were setting up on stage and we were like ‘Oh my god, they hate us’. Then I think something turned, half an hour before you go to play you get quite scared and then five minutes before and you start to get angry, thinking how dare they throw stuff at our crew.

When we walked on stage we’re furious. Inbetween the first and second song there was this little crowd zieg-heiling us and shouting out racist shit and I just stopped the song and gave them such a mouthful. I remember the last comment going ‘Everybody here thinks you’re a cunt’. Then we just played the most ferocious set, no mellow songs just heavy shit and they just went mad for it. I think it was because they thought we were a band of pussys and they were hard because they were playing techno music but we just slaughtered them with some heavy riffage, and we just blinded them and deafened them, and they loved it. By the end of it we did four encores.

My first festival was Glastonbury 1995 when we played there for the first time. We had a nightmare getting into the place because of the tickets, we had the wrong passes and we were playing at 12 o’clock on one of the smaller stages, so we just ran on stage in our normal clothes at about half 12 and played four songs, then got kicked off. In those four songs it went from everyone sleeping and sitting on the floor to a huge crowd, people going crazy.


The best festival set I’ve ever seen was Sigur Ros in Poland at Open’er Festival in 2006 and it was just as the sun was going down and their music is just the kind of music that just builds and builds, they had the most incredible light show too. We just sat on the hill and listened to this music while watching the sun go down over the back of the tent. It was magical and beautiful.

My favourite festival would be a European one, like Pinkpop. It just has a wicked vibe, they’re all so up for it. Last year I saw La Roux play there and I don’t think she has had such an amazing kind of crowd; they just went ballistic. 

My strangest festival experience was Heineken Jammin in Venice last year. They’d had thunder and lightning all day and we couldn’t go on stage for 45 minutes and then we came on stage and it just went ballistic. The night before Green Day had decided not to go on stage because it was raining and so the crowds were just so happy that we went and performed.

The best show I’ve ever played at a festival was Glastonbury in 1999, when we headlined. I still remember that being an absolutely storming gig in front of 120,000 people, just going ballistic. It was an incredible performance, we had a great light show and these mirrors, and I just remember coming off and being on a high for months after that. 

My advice for a festival first-timer would be go with an open mind and an open heart. Just welcome whatever comes on stage. That’s the wonderful thing about festivals is that they're like mini battles. When you go to your own concert you’ve won the war but all those festivals are like conquering little islands across the world.

My dream festival line up would mix it up a bit. I’d like to hve Diplo and Kissy Sell-Out, Prodigy and Biffy Clyro – they’re a great band live. I’d like to have Florence [And The Machine], Band of Skulls, then maybe mix it up and have The Police. I wouldn’t want the same thing all day, I’d want indie rock bands playing with seventies bands playing with house bands and finish off with a huge big, band rock band.

Skin will play Download Festival 2011 with Skunk Anansie on June 11. System Of A Down, Linkin Park, Def Leppard and Rob Zombie also play the event. Tickets are still on sale here.

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