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Totally Skittled: Bowling For Soup talk Download

'We tried to get Slayer's Kerry King to punch our guitarist in the face'


United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Daniel Lomas | 26 May 2011

Totally Skittled: Bowling For Soup talk Download

Photographer:Sara Bowrey

It’s hard to believe, but having formed in 1994, Bowling For Soup have been around for seventeen years. Your average can of soup would’ve expired four times over in that period. The Texan pop-punk band have been a prolific and constant presence on the pop-punk scene, where a million bands have popped up and disappeared just as quickly.

With a string of hit singles, Grammy-nominations and world tours, the band have just about seen it all, or so you'd imagine. But singer, Jarret Reddick, seems as enthusiastic as ever to be on the road and releasing records.

“We’re very excited about how things are going and right now we’re on the first leg of our US tour, getting excited to come over for Download there in just a few weeks,” he tells us.

It seems a real mismatch, Bowling For Soup at Download Festival; a bouncy, goofy pop-punk band on stage at the ultimate metal bash, but the group are no strangers to Download, in fact they've been welcomed back many times. “The last time we did it was 2007 so we’re long overdue for a return,” says Jarret.


“That time, we had huge nine foot blow up sheep on stage,” adds the singer, “this time we wanted to have real sheep just running around on the stage while we were playing. The festival promoters won’t let us do it – but I think that shit would’ve been funny!”

It's Bowling For Soup's entertaining and sometimes unpredictable live show that endears them to any crowd, but you have to wonder how they fare mingling with the rock gods backstage.

“Slayer played before us and Kerry King said 'I can’t believe we just fucking opened up for Bowling For Soup', and I don’t think he meant that in a positive way at all!” Jaret laughs. “Chris [Burney, guitarist] tried to get Kerry King to punch him in the face and were gonna film it! He wouldn’t do it, which is probably good because he would’ve killed him!”

Jaret seems to have many fond and clear memories from festivals in the UK, despite the band's drink ‘til you drop agenda. Though he does admit taking it too far at Download once: “We have one negative memory, where we were too drunk to play. Fortunately I think the audience was drunker than us... I don't think they noticed.”

As for sets he's witnessed over the years, one shines through as his favourite show ever: “It’s not only the greatest festival performance I’ve ever seen, but the best show I’ve ever seen in my life.” Jaret recalls, “It was mind-bending. To this day, the best band I’ve ever seen in my life... Slipknot at Reading Festival in 2000.”

Bowling For Soup's appearance at Download is their only UK festival date, so catch them while you can... and if you can't, don't worry - they're back in October for a UK headline tour.

Next week the band will be giving us their tips for how to do Download 2011 like Bowling For Soup.

Def Leppard, System Of A Down and Linkin Park will headline the Download Festival 2011 which takes place at Donington Park in Castle Donington from 10-12 June.

Click here to see the latest Download Festival line-up.

Download Festival 2011 tickets are on sale now priced at £180 for a weekend ticket with five days camping, £170 for a weekend ticket with three days camping and £145 for a weekend-only ticket.

Click here to buy Download Festival tickets.

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