What the stars think of T in the Park!

Photographer:Paul Kerr

03 March 2004

"God gave you light, God gave you dark, God gave you tickets to T in the Park"

- Chris Martin 'puts a smile' on the crowd's faces with a lyrical tribute to T

"Playing T in the Park is a highlight in any bands career. The Scottish audience is among the best in the world and have given us amazing support since the early days. Many Happy Returns and see you soon x"

- The Stereophonics' Kelly Jones sends us his best

"People can better understand what we're trying to do at T in the Park, because our music is ambitious and massive. People thought we were a joke band for a while at the start, because even when we were playing pubs three years ago, we were imagining we were at T in the Park." - Dan Hawkins from The Darkness has the last laugh back stage

"To all at T in the Park, thank you for ten years of inspirational gatherings, and for believing in us when no-one else did. Here's to another ten years of the best festival in Britain, Luv Fran xxx"

- Fran Healy from Travis wishes the festival a Happy 10th Birthday

"I was completely overwhelmed. I'd never played a festival before. I looked out there and saw all those people - I thought, my God, it was amazing. It was a really special moment, I'll never forget it and I'm glad I'm back again."

- Tim DeLaughter from The Polyphonic Spree recalls some festival firsts backstage

"That was incredible in that tent. It was probably the first time people sang along to one of our songs. It was an incredible feeling. That was our earliest memory of something really good happening at a gig. It just blew our minds." - Guy Berryman from Coldplay recalls the band's first T performance backstage

"What an amazing event we have here; T in the Park should be used as a symbol of modern Scotland. It is great to see so many young people enjoying themselves. The festival is very valuable to the economy. I just wish I could stay until Coldplay are on ." - First Minister Jack McConnell comes along to celebrate the significant milestone  

"With many of the UK's festivals taking on a bland, corporate feel, T in the Park remains unique - in its audience, its consistent usage of frequently great wildcard acts, and the festival experience as a whole.  So all hail the big red T!" - Virtual Festivals


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