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Ticket Trout: I've got loadsa passes for 2011 festivals


United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Chris Swindells | 09 September 2010

I just got back from Reading and Leeds Festivals, and had a right whale of a time. I cod of danced all night to Axl but that slippery fish never seemed to be in the right plaice at the right time - I was steaming! He reminded me of a real life James Blunt. So at least you folks won't have to see that next year, and better still, I've got the 2011 tickets at 2010 inflation busting prices, rock on! That’s £180 for the weekend at either leg of the event. Nice one.

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Me and the misses love soaking up the rays down on the southern coast, in that hipster paradise the little frog spawns call Brighton. 12-14 May next year will be a weekend with rad new sounds and swaggering salmon – you batter believe it as The Great Escape rolls into town! Always a sell out event, at 35 squid for super early birds - I'm practically giving these away!

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I really got to keep hush about this one, this year was heads and fins above anything I've tried before, just so much heart and sole you see. I've got a monkey of these to give away mate, but they won't hang around, parties like these with bands like Mystery Jets and Mercury Rev playing this year, it's off the hook. It's almost criminal giving these away at this price so if you're going to take them off me. Just remember the first rule of the Secret Garden Party£125 for you mate. Ta

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My bestest buddy Vince told me about this one this year and frankly I thought 'oh my cod' – Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Ray Davies on one farm, over two nights? He said you batter believe it and well I don't mean to carp on but I've never had so much fun out of water. So keep this on the downstream, but weekend tickets for next year are only £125 and right now there's no booking fee, not a Huckleberry!

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My oldest fingerling, Trev the trout went off to this little shindig Underage Festival with his lady Skate Moss and hasn't shut up about it since. M.I.A. Tinie Tempah and Example was all he went flipping and flapping on about for weeks, and a festival of this scale you'll never lose Nemo again. Early bird catches that juicy worm right, so get a 2011 ticket for a pony (£25)or two for a bullseye (£50) while you can, 'nough said.

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