A Greener Festival: Shambala

What Shambala does to stay green

A Greener Festival: Shambala

01 June 2009

Our fleet of generators were powered by locally sourced, re-processed waste bio diesel, and the rest of site relied on a patchwork of small to medium solar and wind providers, including the Firefly group. Matching supply and demand is often problematic, but new technologies such as digital amplifiers and LED lighting are making this easier.

Shambala's 3km of festoon lighting used low energy bulbs, and generator were configured to allow switch-off during day times where possible. There are still many tricky issues with bio diesel - the 'load' on the generator must be kept high, both to maintain the functioning of the unit and efficiently of fuel consumption. Thus means careful location and planning of power use is needed.

The many small scale providers worked with individual venues to supply stages and cafes, and some traders come already set-up! We do detailed carbon audits every year, and the switch from diesel to bio-diesel reduced our 'energy carbon footprint' by 75%. In context energy is less than 50% of the events 'operational carbon footprint'. This, in turn, is only 22% of the TOTAL carbon footprint - as most is attributable to public and crew travel to and from the event.

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