A Greener Festival: Big Session and Summer Sundae

The green workings of both Leicestershire event

A Greener Festival: Big Session and Summer Sundae

01 June 2009

Green initiatives are not just an addendum to the festivals, but central to their planning – an integral part of their DNA. Indeed the discipline of working towards attaining the greener festival award  played a central role in further developing the festivals’ sustainability agenda.

The festivals focus on the four key areas of transport to and from the festival, maximizing recycling of waste, minimizing use of energy and sourcing festival materials and products from sustainable and ethical suppliers. They engage with a range of partners including the charity Compete Wasters to maximize waste recycling and sorting, Ride Leicester to encourage the use of bikes and provide a secure bike park, and East Midlands Energy Efficiency to analyse the festival carbon footprint and identify ways to minimize it. They also set annual targets for recycling, travel by sustainable transport and footprint reduction.

In addition the festivals work with traders and suppliers to ensure that they adhere to the ethics of the events and pro actively engages with festival goers to raise awareness of environmental issues and to encourage them to adopt more sustainable lifestyles and greener festival going.

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