A Greener Festival: T In The Park

How the Scottish festival is becoming green in the park

22 May 2009

T in the Park is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and works hard to be as green as possible.  A recent survey shows that T in the Parkers are no different – when they’re at home over 80% of them recycle, reduce waste, use low energy light bulbs and turn electrics off when they’re not in use.  When they’re enjoying the festival they try to behave the same - 95% feel that it is fairly or very important that T in the Park is as green as possible and 55% say that Green T has affected their attitude towards green issues.

Green T is a whole scheme of environmentally minded initiatives – some of which have been in place at T in the Park for many years.  Our hard work has paid off! T in the Park is the only UK festival to have been rewarded in 2008 with both the Yourope (European Festival Association) Green’n’Clean award and The Greener Festival accolade at the UK Festival Awards. T in the Park is also the only Scottish event to have partnered with Julie’s Bicycle, an independent charity seeking standardised industry environmental management. But that doesn’t mean we can stop there!

Taking place in the beautiful surroundings of Balado in Kinross-shire, we ask T in the Parkers to respect the site, respect each other and respect the world by doing their bit to slow down climate change. Any action, no matter how small can make a big difference – especially when there is 84,999 people doing the same – don’t be a lemon and stick out from the crowd for not being green!

For more information check out www.tinthepark.com/greenT


All aboard the fun bus!

Travel creates the biggest negative footprint to a festival’s environmental impact - the greenest way to T in the Park (and to our hearts) is by Citylink Coach.  You can seriously reduce the event’s carbon emissions by travelling by this way instead of by car. The coach is good fun – battle over iPod supremacy with new found mates, relax and enjoy the ride and don’t worry about being tired on Monday morning when it’s time to go home.  You’ll also have a warm glow inside thinking about all the carbon you’ve saved plus the coaches drop off at the closest point to the entrance so you’ll not only be saving the environment but also your strength for more dancing!  If you really decide the coach isn’t an option at least consider sharing your car with a bunch of mates – it’s cheaper, and remember to buy your car park ticket in advance!

Tickets must be purchased in advance from www.citylink.co.uk or by calling 08705 501 501.

Be Chilled

Introduced in 2008 this innovative service seriously simplifies your trip to Balado and the quest for a cold beer.  Campers can pre-order chilled cans of Tennent’s Lager and collect them in the campsite during your stay.  This will lighten your load making it easier to travel by Citylink coach – plus the reward for being green is a guaranteed cold beer – how refreshing! And Tennent’s Lager travels only 44 miles from the brewery to T in the Park – that’s very low lager miles!

Pre-order yours at www.tennents.com/bechilled

Pimp your tent!
If you’re camping please think seriously about buying a quality tent – this way you can reuse it again and again.  Tents left behind at T in the Park go straight to landfill* - by investing in one that you’d want to take home you’re not only doing the environment a favour you could be saving pennies if you chip in with a bunch of mates.  Use it again later in the summer and relive your T in the Park campsite camaraderie and bring it back to Balado in 2009.

(* T in the Park is looking into alternative methods of tent recycling but we need your help – please don’t leave tents behind – a tent is for life, not just for T!)

If you’re not a regular camper you might need to stock up on a few essentials to make the weekend go smoothly.  Why not save money in the long run by picking up wind up or solar powered gadgets – there’s a wide selection available such as alarm clocks, torches or mobile phone chargers – say goodbye to batteries and use your elbow grease!

Travel light!
Only bring what you need (and can carry!). Bring food that doesn’t require cooking (camping stoves aren’t allowed anyway) in reusable containers for tasty snacks across the weekend – leave the packaging at home in the recycle bin.  Buy green – pick up recycled goods and those packaged in recycled materials and choose local, fair-trade and organic products where possible. Buy durable – invest in quality, durable products that can be taken home at the end of the festival instead of being left behind and creating unnecessary waste.

Look after the place
Only bring phosphate free soap and shower gel to site as phosphate can lead to algal blooms in the nearby Site of Specific Scientific Interest designated area Loch Leven.  You don’t want to smell like a mouldy carrot by the time Monday comes around, but please think before you pack something that will make you smell fresh as a daisy, but might harm the environment in the process.


‘Redeem. Reduce. Recycle’ cup recycling

Every drink token purchased includes a 10p deposit. Once you’ve finished your drink take the empty cup to one of the special Cup Recycling Points situated across the site and collect your 10p.  It might not seem like much but the little things make a huge difference and 10p in your pocket is better than nowt!  All the cups are collected into special recycling skips and taken off-site to be recycled, reducing the amount of litter and waste on-site and meaning we can recycle as many of the plastic cups as possible – reducing the amount of landfill your thirsty mouth generates.

Make sure to put all your rubbish in the bins across the site – follow the simple instructions and separate the waste where required. Remember to bring a couple of bin bags with you to make this easier. You wouldn’t leave your house in a mess, so don’t do it at T!
Free water – splish splash!

Look out for the free public water drinking points and water standpipes across the Main Arena and Campsite. Bring an empty plastic bottle to refill and avoid creating additional waste.  Keeping re-hydrated will refresh you and helps make sure you’ll see more bands and avoid a splitting headache the next morning!

Leave nothing but happy memories
Follow the simple Leave No Trace philosophy and take everything home with you.  This might be as simple as bringing an ashtray for cigarette butts or making sure you remove all your metal tent pegs.


T in the Park has an Environmental Management Plan which extends from the team in T Towers busy working away all year round to guarantee the festival is a special weekend, to the moment the last camper leaves and it’s all packed away for another year.

Bicycle bound
To get across the site you’ll often see Team T hopping onto one of the racks of bicycles available for staff.  Not only is this the most entertaining way to get from A to B, it’s the greenest way to get around site…just as long as we don’t fall off!

“Grey water” collection
No, not what goes down the tap when your granny washes her hair!  Grey water is non-industrial wastewater.  T in the Park takes place in the beautiful surroundings of Balado in Kinross-shire, very close to Loch Leven which has been designated a Site of Specific Scientific Interest by Scottish Natural Heritage.  This means it is of special interest due to its floral, fauna, geological or physiographical features. Because of this all contractors and working staff on-site stick to very strict rules about waste water – none is poured onto the ground and there are multiple “Grey Water” collection points around the site which are emptied safely and securely daily.

Lights, camera, action!
All festoon lighting in the Campsite uses energy efficient lightbulbs and all the lights are light sensitive meaning they turn off automatically as soon as it is light enough – saving precious kilo-watts and natural resources!

Waste not, want not!
T in the Park has an in-depth Waste Management Plan which every year strives to recycle as much waste generated by the event as possible. In 2008 the event recycled over 60 % if its waste – a figure well above average given the size and scale of the festival.

Rockstar recycling
It’s not just the audience we ask to reduce, reuse and recycle – there are full recycling facilities for all staff and artists on site.  We strictly ask everyone in the festival only to order what they need so there’s less waste in the first place!

We are CarbonNeutral
T in the Park became the world’s largest CarbonNeutral festival in 2006 and continues to be so. The festival’s carbon dioxide emissions (which are generated by the event’s energy use, waste, diesel and artists, crew and fan travel) are offset through various global carbon offset schemes by The CarbonNeutral Company.

Prints Charming
Where possible we print all marketing materials related to the event on recycled paper, from sustainable sources.

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